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Have you come across FloodSax®? They are a self-inflating, sandless, flood-defence system manufactured by Yorkshire-based Environmental Defence System.

FloodSax® will absorb 20 litres of water in 3 minutes, expanding to form something similar to a sandbag. The inner liner to the bags is semi-porous and contains wool pulp fluff and superabsorbent sodium polacrylate crystals which can absorb water to 90% capacity in 3 minutes. The water is then ‘locked’ within the bag which will mold itself to the shape of its surroundings, helping keep floodwater out.

Their advantage over a sandbag is that they can be stored flat in their un-inflated state, transported easily and deployed quickly. They are delivered vacuum packed and have a minimum shelf life of 5 years. When fully expanded they can weigh up to 23kg.

In addition they can be used to absorb water from spills or flood damage. Managing director Richard Bailey said they are “...more than just a flood defence product and can be used in the aftermath of floods to soak up the mess filthy floodwater leaves behind.’’ At Designing Buildings Wiki, we have used them to help dry out the interior of a flooded car.

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