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Decking boards


[edit] Introduction

The timber merchants and board makers have been in dilemma for years regarding the type of materials to be used in the making of decking boards.One option is wooden decking board, but then the struggle is to choose from the variety of woods available in the market.

There are many choices when it comes to the size, material, composition and colour, but there are other matters as well, such as cost, durability, eco-friendliness, maintenance and so on.

[edit] Types of decking boards

[edit] Pressured softwood

This product is made by applying pressure to softwood. This product is popular with customers for its price, durability and ease of installation. However, it is generally not environmentally friendly and can require a significant maintenance.

[edit] Harwood

This variety, which is made from hardwood trees, is generally more expensive than pressured boards. This type of board is considered safe from rotting, warping and splitting but it does require some degree of regular maintenance. It is not always environmentally friendly and can be difficult to instal.

[edit] Composite

These boards are made of wood flour and plastic that is recyclable. These boards are protected from mould, moisture and insects and are easy to maintain and instal. However, this type of decking can be expensive and is thought by some to be harmful to the environmental development.

[edit] PVC

These boards are similar to the composite boards and are made only by a single material-plastic, which makes it easy to maintain and recycle. It is not prone to warping or splitting. It can be expensive and may look artificial. It is considered by some to be environmentally friendly, easy to instal and easy to maintain.

[edit] How to decide

When it comes to choosing a decking board, customers can choose depending on priorities and use. People who want boards that are long-lasting may wish to select composite and PVC boards that have zero wood. People looking for easily installable boards may prefer to choose softwoods. In the case of people looking for environmentally friendly boards, keep in mind that every board has some negative effect on the environment, but the least harmful ones may include recycled material.

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