Last edited 31 Oct 2016

BSRIA blue book

The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) publishes an annual databook, the ‘Blue Book’, a free-to-download, concise publication that provides a wide range of hard-to-find facts about building services. It presents these facts, guidelines and other information in a format that makes them easy-to-use in the working day.

It can also be purchased in hard copy, and from 2015, is available as a free-to-download app ensuring that users always have access to key building services information.

BSRIA’s Information and Knowledge Manager, Jayne Sunley, said “The Blue Book contains key industry and technical information (and) will be a welcome addition to the mobile of anybody working in the Built Environment”.

Information in the Blue Book includes, for example; heating degree days, solar radiation values, comfort temperature ranges, embodied energy figures, construction output data, energy consumption figures, tax rates, and so on.

The contents of the Blue Book are:

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