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All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group

All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs or APGs) are informal cross-party parliamentary groups run by and for Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They many involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament.

The All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group (APDIG) is ‘…a forum for open debate between Parliament and the UK’s design and innovation communities.’

Activities of the Group include:

  • Lobbying Government on design policy issues.
  • Campaigning for design policy thinking to be adopted across government departments.
  • Developing new design policy ideas.
  • Critiquing existing government decision-making.
  • Communicating the potential value of design within Parliament.
  • Helping the design community better engage with the policy process.
  • Holding events and seminars.
  • Publishing newsletters and producing briefing papers.

The Group is funded through annual membership fees from its non-parliamentary members and project-based sponsorship for specific research projects. Non-parliamentary members do not have voting rights within the Group and cannot dictate its activities.

The APDIG is administered by Policy Connect, a cross-party, non-profit think tank that promotes evidence-based policy development.

The Group conducts longer-term research into more complex subjects through its research arm, the Design Commission. This is an industry-led body, established in 2010 which comprises cross-party members of both houses along with leading members of the UK design industry. Its secretariat is provided by Policy Connect.

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