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UK Green Building Council

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The UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) is a membership organisation campaigning for a sustainable built environment – one that minimises negative environmental impacts while maximising benefits for people everywhere.

Its mission is to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment, by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated. It is concerned with homes and non-domestic buildings – new and existing – as well as the infrastructure that binds the built environment together.

Launched in 2007 to offer clarity, cohesion and leadership to a disparate sector, the UK-GBC brings together anyone involved in the complex process of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating buildings. A registered charity, it works with members – who are mostly businesses, but also not-for-profit organisations, government agencies and academic institutions – to enable them to truly embed sustainability in their business practices.

UK-GBC works to:

  • Influence government policy.
  • Lead industry action.
  • Build industry knowledge and green skills.

UK-GBC is part of a global network of like-minded organisations in almost 80 countries, through the World Green Building Council. The network facilitates engagement in international policy and programmes, including on-going work on common carbon metrics to improve comparability of building rating tools.

In Jan 2017, UK-GBC launched their new Open Innovation lab. For more information, see Open Innovation programme.

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