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The Most Successful Players - Thoughts on the Future of Construction


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CEOs and high-level executives of established construction companies and start-ups explain who they expect to be the most successful players in the future of construction. As key success factors are seen hiring the right people, sharing knowledge and a high speed of learning.

Furthermore, it is expected that thinking in an entrepreneurial sense and a high rate of experimentation are important. Vertical integration to deliver additional value throughout the full construction process might be an additional success factor.

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--Future of Construction 09:30, 23 Nov 2017 (BST)


I found this video underwhelming given that it's supposedly from 'thought-leaders' in our industry.

One would have hope that they would at least have read a digest of Clayton Christensen's 1997 book "Innovator's Dilemma", or similar, before sharing their rather generic thoughts with us. They would have had 20 years in which to read this, or some 38 years in which to catch-up on Michael Porter's work.

One wonders if one reason for the rather dismal performance of our industry might to be found in the way our leaders are taught?

Incidentally, Prof Christensen also hails from BCG, who sponsored this video. One wonders what he would make of it....

Also read this from UK industry leaders:

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