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The KonMari method

Those who don't like being disorganised or living in a cluttered space are always looking for ways to improve their living situation. The KonMari method offers a solution, invented by the famous Japanese organisation consultant and author, Marie Kondo. She has written many books about tidying up and organisation, and now even has her own TV show. Most importantly, though, she’s getting people off their feet and helping them to live much happier, healthier, and more organized lives.

There are three keys to this method.


[edit] 1. Everything has a purpose

Have you noticed how cluttered modern homes are? There are the seashells from that vacation you took ages ago with a few pebbles in the same jar. There are the flowers you got for that one special Valentine’s Day. There are endless rows of decorative items around the house, filling up space. Regardless of how sentimental you are, these items are just collecting dust.

It’s nice to have memories and collect memorabilia, but what’s the point when those things just end up making you feel claustrophobic? You don’t even notice how many useless things you have until you start cleaning up. You don’t even notice how much they suffocate you and make you feel unhappy.

To end this vicious cycle of hoarding, the KonMari method proposes one simple rule: everything must have a purpose. Things that don’t bring you joy and things that have just been lying around don’t have room in your home anymore. Before you start organising, you’ll have to declutter the space completely.


[edit] 2. Organisation is key

Where you store your things is very important. Nothing should just lie around and collect dust; it needs to have its place. The problem with modern homes is that there is often not enough storage room, leading you to have a disorganised place and thus a cluttered mind.

As well as being able to see how much you’re going to store, you’ll also get to plan it. This way, you’ll be organizing in advance. In other words, you won’t give yourself the opportunity to hoard useless things and pile them around.

[edit] 3. The way you put things away matters, too

The “how” of putting things away is just as important as the “where.” Organisation would mean absolutely nothing if you didn’t fold and store your things the right way. Think of it this way: what’s the use of having sufficient storage space if you use it inefficiently? This is why the KonMari method is characteristic by its folding method.

This has to do primarily with clothes. The items you want to keep should be folded in a filing system.

What makes the KonMari method so successful and efficient is the fact that clothes (and other household utilities) are filed according to category, not room. Take your closet, for example. Because your clothes will be organized by category, you’ll be able to save space, while finding what you need easily.

[edit] Conclusion

Because of the popularity of the KonMari method, anyone can be a cleaning expert. You don’t have to succumb to the things you own and possess any longer. We’re confident your home will shine its brightest colours once you’ve implemented this new organisation system and got things in order.

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