Last edited 27 Nov 2020

Shower vs bath

I have never been keen on lying in my own bath water. My wife on the other hand luxuriates for hours in a hot bath. Arguments about whether to retrofit our ancient bathrooms with baths, showers, or a hybrid have been protracted. However now the eco lobby has come to my rescue - or has it?

According to research carried out by Unilever and Mott MacDonald the average shower uses 62 litres of water. The average bath uses 80 litres of water.

So there you have it - but wait. A power shower to which all alpha males aspire consumes 136 litres of water.

According to the research, the average annual cost of showering is £416 per annum for the families studied. Power showers can raise this figure to £918 per annum.

My wife believes that assessments should also be based on enjoyment, so I have given up the argument. However, if you are installing a shower, choose a tray with a strainer basket. I am witness to 50 blockages in the first week of opening a student hostel. Shower traps are not the easiest thing to unblock!

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