Last edited 05 May 2017

Self-build home: project plan

Self build plan header.jpg

This is a free-to-use, open-access plan for the organisation, design and construction of self-build homes.

If you have ideas for things to add to the plan, you can either edit the plan and add them yourself, or submit a comment and we will add them for you.

There are a number of delivery routes for self-build homes:

  • Purchase a kit house.
  • Appoint a design and build contractor to design and build the home.
  • Appoint consultants to design the home then get a contractor to build it.
  • Appoint consultants to design the home then manage the construction yourself.

It may not be clear which route should be followed until initial assessments have been carried out, a plot located and a brief prepared. See: Develop a delivery strategy for more information.

It is also possible to work with other organisations such as social landlords, developers, or community groups to develop a self-build home, however, these projects are likely to follow a plan imposed by the lead organisation and so they are not covered here, although many of the project stages will be similar. Working with a developer is sometimes called ‘custom build’ rather than ‘self build’.

See Custom-build home for more information.

An outline project plan is presented below. It describes activities step-by-step from the first moment it becomes apparent a self-build home could be a possibility right through to occupation of the completed building. Most of the stages are common to all four self-build routes, but the appointment stages vary.

Clicking on any of the stages will take you to a detailed description of the tasks that need to be carried out.

Stage 1: Justify the project.

Stage 2: Prepare a brief.

Stage 3: Find a plot.

Stage 4: Develop a delivery strategy.

Stage 5: Raise finance.

Stage 6: Acquire the plot.

Stage 7: Appoint designers.

Stage 8: Prepare a concept design.

Stage 9: Submit a planning application.

Stage 10: Prepare a detailed design.

Stage 11: Submit a building regulations application.

Stage 12: Prepare production information.

Stage 13: Appoint contractors.

Stage 14: Prepare for construction.

Stage 16: Construction.

Stage 17: Occupy the home and rectify any defects.


It seems that the handover information such as building manual, H&S files, and other operation and maintenance documents are not mentioned here.

Not surpised that most building owners do not know what is in their building.