Last edited 22 Mar 2019

News from the web

The Construction Index, Mar 22

Housing association replaces storage heaters with ground source heat pumps.

SCN, Mar 21

Competition watchdog to investigate supply of construction services., Mar 21

Residents and landlords team up to better communicate building safety issues.

FIDIC, Mar 21

FIDIC sets up an international task force to tackle diversity and inclusion.

Construction Enquirer, Mar 21

Battersea power station 290.jpg

Burst pipe causes flash flood at Battersea Power Station site.

BBC, Mar 20

EastEnders rebuild project criticised by MPs.

The Construction Index, Mar 20

Hong Kong reveals £60bn land reclamation plan.

Smart connected HVAC

Smart home 290.jpg

BSRIA report suggests the European market will double to 415 million Euros by 2023.

Arup, Mar 19

Report encourages the use of timber to help tackle climate change.

The Construction Index, Mar 19

Skanska zero energy hotel.jpg

Skanska signs contract for ‘zero energy' hotel.

Construction Manager, Mar 18

AI robots that can sort demolition waste.

Scottish Construction Now, Mar 18

World’s tallest wooden building completed in Norway.

GCR, Mar 18

Saudi firm orders unit from Denmark to print homes.


Brexit-4011711 290.jpg

An ECA briefing for members about the commercial implications of leaving the EU., Mar 16

HS2 heat recovery could power hundreds of new homes.

The Construction Index, Mar 18

Interserve chief exec says keep calm and carry on., Mar 14

Midland-metro 290.jpg

Government pledges £570m for London housing near transport links.

Institution of Civil Engineers, Mar 14


Industry leaders debate how to improve UK transport networks.

BRE, Mar 13

High quality homes are needed now, says BRE.

Spring Statement

Julia Evans 290.jpg

The key points for the construction industry and BSRIA's response.

BIM+, Mar 14

New digital 290 col.jpg
New BIM software can identify health and safety risks.