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Changing BREEAM Assessor Organisation


[edit] Introduction

The aim of this article is to ease the process of changing BREEAM Assessor and AP Licenses over when you change your assessor organisation.

[edit] When you leave your previous organisation

Don't forget that you, personally, that is responsible for "looking after" your BREEAM license. This includes things such as reading process notes. As such, when you leave an organisation, you may no longer have access to emails that BRE send, and potentially no access to the extranet or projects. As such, it may be worth telling BRE your leaving date at that company, so that you can be removed from their licenses.

On the other hand, please also remember that if you are not a licensed assessor for a period of 12 months, you will need to redo your training for each scheme you have not been licensed in. This is because BRE deem that you are no longer up to date with BRE information (such as process notes).

If you wish to remove your license from the existing organisation, email uk [email protected]uk with details of the license you'd like removed. If you were the account holder at the existing company, provide updated contact details in the case that a license termination agreement needs to be sent to the previous company.

[edit] When you start your new organisation

[edit] BREEAM AP

Email [] with the details which need changing on Greenbook Live. Your renewal date will remain the same. There is no charge for this service.

[edit] BREEAM Assessor

To register at your new organisation you will need to complete an "Assessor License Application". This is available here on the extranet:

Home » Extranet » BREEAM Assessor Guidance » Licensing Application and Information » BREEAM / CSH / International / Communities Licence Application and T&Cs

Please note, this may (or may not) result in additional fees being payable by your new company dependent on the existing and future licenses. Please make sure you have purchase orders and suitable approval sorted prior to submitting the form for your license.

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