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Engineering resilience

Civil-engineers-in-disaster 290.png

Helping communities recover from disasters and protecting them before they occur.

Specialist services in hospitals

Particle counting in a clean room facility 290.png

Instrumentation for critical healthcare environments.

BIM, FM and soft landings

Visualisation of the new Faculty of Business and Law at UWE Bristol 290.png

Case study in the use of soft landings at the University of the West of England.

AIA 2019 Gold Medal

Richard Rogers 290.png

Richard Rogers wins is the AIA’s highest annual honour.

Straw bale construction


A quick introduction to a healthier and more sustainable form of construction.

Plug and play skyscrapers.

Plug and play skyscrapers 290.png

The structural feasibility of modular high-rise buildings.

Health wellbeing and productivity

Health wellbeing and productivity 290.png

BRE conference on ways of providing and maintaining quality indoor environments.

Gemini Principles

Gemini principles.png

CDBB publish foundational definitions and values to guide the development of the National Digital Twin.

Heritage sector cuts survey

Impact of heritage sector local authority funding cuts in south west England.png

Despite the reduction in staffing, most users remain satisfied with the service.

Architectural styles

Beauxarts 290.png

We run through the top 37 styles in history - but how many would you recognise?

ICE briefing paper

London Power Tunnels 290.png

Improving approaches to risk in the built environment sector.

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