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Plug and play skyscrapers.

Plug and play skyscrapers 290.png

The structural feasibility of modular high-rise buildings.

Health wellbeing and productivity

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BRE conference on ways of providing and maintaining quality indoor environments.

Gemini Principles

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CDBB publish foundational definitions and values to guide the development of the National Digital Twin.

Heritage sector cuts survey

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Despite the reduction in staffing, most users remain satisfied with the service.

Architectural styles

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We run through the top 37 styles in history - but how many would you recognise?

ICE briefing paper

London Power Tunnels 290.png

Improving approaches to risk in the built environment sector.

BSRIA white paper


Megatrends: Smart Building Technology


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Share your BREEAM knowledge to help improve the industry.

Driving innovation with BREEAM

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Are you innovating without realising it?

Sequestered carbon

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Is timber a carbon source rather than a carbon sink?

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