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Clean air day

Exhaust-517799 290.jpg

BRE explain the relationships between BREEAM and air quality.

10,000 years of settlement

Meayll Circle 290.png

The rich archaeology of the Isle of Man is an important part of its cultural heritage.

Women in Engineering Day

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BSRIA call on the industry to attract more women.

Road construction

Road surfacing290.jpg

The construction methods have changed a lot since the first roads were built around 4,000 BC.

Water investment


How to deliver a five-fold multiplier effect from investment in water infrastructure.

Leadenhall building


RSHP's Leadenhall building is named a 2018 RIBA National Award winner.

St. Michael's Tower


Gary Neville's controversial Manchester tower gets the green light to go ahead.

CDM: A quality perspective

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Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Energy storage

Energy storage in buildings 290.png

BSRIA guide to energy storage in buildings - a technology overview.

Saffron Acres

Saffron acres 290.png

The UK’s largest Passivhaus accredited affordable housing scheme.

A more productive and sustainable industry

ICE GCR 2018 290.png

ICE set out 5 recommendations for the Government Construction Strategy 2018 update.

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