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Stakeholder management

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A quality perspective.

AI in buildings

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If buildings were people, they would be just starting to walk on two legs.

Indoor air quality

BS EN ISO 16890 290.png

Air filtration and clean air standards.

William the Conqueror

The Bayeux Tapestry 290.png

The Dukes of Normandy and the second world war.

Monuments, walls and metalwork

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Conserving structures in historic designed landscapes.

Acoustics Academy Launch

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Online platform to showcase acoustic solutions.


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The drivers of value and how it is measured.

Classical orders

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Do you know your Ionic from your Doric?

ONS performance stats

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Construction output has been stronger than anticipated.

HS2 gets the go ahead

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But blame is directed at the construction industry.

Indoor air quality

Health effects of indoor air quality on children and young people.png

Health effects on children and young people.

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