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CIAT Awards

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Special educational needs: analysing the necessities for inclusion

Engineering cities

Future cities 290.jpg

Can we build cities that anticipate the future?

Well being

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How to provide affordable, sustainable and healthy urban communities.

Improving collaboration with industry


The government has launched an ‘Outsourcing Playbook’.

Off-site construction

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How can we ensure the benefits of off-site construction are realised?

Project management

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A new theory for managing large complex projects

Transport and infrastructure

Digital motorway 290.jpg

A vision for digital highways

Building conservation

The old manor house 290.jpg

Finding stone to conserve historic buildings.

Work at height checklist

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If it is not planned properly even a simple activity can kill.

Stakeholder management


A disgruntled or ignored stakeholder can easily derail your hard work.

University research

Cementitious materials 290.jpg

Next generation cementitious materials

Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou 290.jpg

Still going of the great buildings of the 20th century.

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