Last edited 22 Jan 2019

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Biophilic design

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What is biophilic design and how can it increase wellbeing?

BREEAM misconceptions

BREEAM misconceptions 290.png
80 experts come up with the top 7 mistakes the industry makes with BREEAM.

Welding assurance

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Compliance cannot be verified by inspection on delivery.

Electric vehicles

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Some electric cars now have batteries that give a range of over 350 miles.

Alternative futures for heritage

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Assembling, curating, caring for, and designing the future.

The AgriSTEM Academy

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A sensitive approach to renovating a building of historic stature.

The future of UK power generation

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UK energy policy uncertainty as Welsh project put on hold.

Collaborative practices


What collaborative working achieves and how it can be put in place.

Nepal earthquake

QSAND in Nepal 290.png

Using QSAND to measure the performance of disaster response.


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What U-values are, why they matter and how they are calculated.

Planning for a more bio-resourceful future

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The need to ensure that we plan for all aspects of our bio-economy

Building completion

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Quality professionals need to take an active role in driving the completion process forwards.

The net-zero concept

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The innovations needed to move from rhetoric to realisation.

Gresham's School Britten Building

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Creating a sense of place, with radically-low running costs and the highest comfort levels.

Loving heritage to death

The Admiralty pier at Throsk 290.png

A conversation between David Mitchell and Caitlin DeSilvey.