Last edited 20 Sep 2018

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Student resources


Starting a new built environment degree? We have a wide range of resources aimed at students.

Architectural styles

Architecture-1857175 290.jpg

Do you know your Rococo from your De Stijl, your Gothic from your Post-modernist?

Specification guidance


This article offers some basic rules to follow when writing your next specification.

Modern stonemasonry

Modern stone masonry 290.jpg

The machinery used to fashion stone has changed dramatically - and so have the products.

Geothermal pile foundations


This type of pile provides support to the building, as well as acting as a heat source and a heat sink.

Sustainable Development Goals


Why investors are adopting the SDGs and why civil engineering could be crucial for delivering them.

Sourcing stone

The old manor house 290.jpg

How do you find the right stone to conserve historic buildings?

Scope of services


Appointment agreements often include a ‘scope of servicessetting out the consultant's performance on a project.

Biophilia and buildings


Director of PiP Architecture explores the application of biophilic design principles.

Types of soil


From boulders to alluvial deposits - many different types of soil can be encountered on construction sites.

Structural engineer


What is a structural engineer and what do they do?

Data and behaviours


To maximise the potential of data in construction, things need to change, according to Invennt.

Works to listed buildings

Demolition or alteration 290.jpg

Do you know when works to listed buildings are alterations rather than demolition?



Concrete is a vitally important construction material. Find out about its characteristics, benefits, limitations and more.

Connecting people and places


There’s a lot of chatter about smart cities – but what makes a smart city, where do you start?

Visions for future cities


The visions of today’s urban designers and planners will be judged by future citizens.

Set off


Sometimes called contra charging, set off is a legal process related to construction contracts. Find out more here.

Global housing


The world needs to build more than two billion new homes over the next 80 years.