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Building of the week

Cologne Cathedral 290.jpg

Built over a period of 632 years, Cologne Cathedral is considered one of the world's finest examples of Gothic architecture.

Circular economy


Here are 5 things leaders can do to create a truly circular economy.

Delays on construction projects


Find out about the different types of delays on construction projects.

Building an industrial strategy


ICE responds to the first consultation on the government's industrial strategy post-Brexit.

Unusual building of the week

La Grande Arche280.jpg

An Arc de Triomphe for the late-20th century, the La Grande Arche of Paris.

Changing needs


Richard Hayward of Legrand asks whether technology could help developers meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population.

Architectural concrete

Architecturalconcrete 290.jpg

The principles, practice and formwork of one of the most important components of modern architecture.

Smart business

Shutterstock 131085329 290.jpg

The global smart homes and smart light commercial market will grow fastest in the UK.

Construction contractor


Have a look at our article explaining the different types of construction contractor.

Disposable Houses


Futurist Thomas Frey explores the concept of Disposable Housing - could it be a reality sooner than we imagine?

Defects in brickwork


Do you know all the various types of defects in brickwork?

The Architecture of Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism cropped.jpg

Review of a book looking at how contemporary architecture found its expression within neoliberal capitalism.

Skills shortage and Brexit


Amanda Clack, RICS President offers recommendations to government on Brexit and the construction skills shortage.

Why do so many women leave engineering?


Why do so many women leave engineering? Probably not for the reason you’re thinking.

David Trench - a career in projects

David trench up at the O2 290.JPG

For over 30 years David Trench was one of the UK's leading project managers. Read about his career through some of his most famous projects.

Fast track construction

Construction site270.jpg

What is fast track construction and how does it work?