Last edited 23 May 2018

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Strange buildings

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Check out our list of the 90 most unusual buildings of all time.

Bill of quantities

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Consistently one of our most popular articles - so just how much do you know about BoQ's?

Planning in historic towns

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence 290.png

Gustavo Giovannoni’s role in integrating modern planning requirements into historic town centres.

Green sky thinking


People or density - can we create urban liveability at ever-increasing densities?

3D printing in construction


3D printing is the computer-controlled sequential layering of materials to create 3D shapes.

Building LCA


Life cycle assessment is used to total up the environmental impact of a product’s supply chain. But why building LCA?

Engineering and digitisation


Ramboll discusses how digitisation is contributing to how they design, engineer and construct in new and different ways.

Will Alsop's Sharp Centre

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In the wake of British architect Will Alsop's death, read about one of his most distinctive buildings.

Risk management


Risk management aims to recognise potential problems early so opportunities for effective action are maximised.

Dictionary of urbanism

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A fascinating glossary of paving terms by IHBC’s Rob Cowan.

Approved documents


'Approved documents' provide guidance for how building regulations can be satisfied in common building situations.

Fitness for purpose


What is the position of the contractor or sub-contractor with regard to fitness for purpose in construction?

Flammable building materials


Dr Graham Smith of Jacobs Engineering, on the latest advice on cladding and other flammable building materials.