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New town heritage

Mother and child basildon 290.png

Reminding us what is possible.


FAC-roof-sheeting asbestos wikipedia 290.jpg

Five signs you are at risk.

Building metabolism

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Biotechnology as it applies to the built environment.

Noisy neighbours

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Stopping sound coming through windows.

The real cost of BREEAM Excellent

Delivering Sustainable Buildings Savings and Payback 2018.png

Energy savings quickly payback any small additional capital investment.

Air rights

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Overbuild and air-space developments.

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Wayfinding basics
Wayfinding 290.jpg
A quick introduction to the elements of effective site messaging.

Enterprise asset management

Technology informs procurement and planning practices.

BREEAM guidance

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Designing for durability and resilience.

Planning reform


Do plans to connect infrastructure and housing stack up?

Heritage pubs

Britains Best Real Heritage Pubs.png

1 minute review of CAMRA’s guide to historic drinking dens.

French new towns

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 290.png

Their complex heritage remains largely unknown.

Aurora log homes

Aurora Log Homes interior 290.png

Exclusive log cabins on the North Antrim coastline.

Trees and drought prevention


Proactive forestry for strategic water management.

Stuck at home?

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Why not write that article you've always meant to?

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross 290.png

One of the seven man-made wonders of Arizona.

BREEAM getting started

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A quick step-by-step introduction to the BREEAM process.

History of conservation areas

Chartres Street Vieux Carre 290.jpg

First pioneered in the USA and then France.

Building automation controls

Bacs-market-2019-2024 290.png

The European BACS market has been showing signs of growth.


Fixture or chattel.png

When does something count as a fixture?