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Architectural heritage

Hagia Sophia 290.jpg

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

AT Awards

CIAT New dwelling house Grange View 290.jpg

New Dwelling House at Grange View.


ICE sinkhole 290.jpg

The causes of sinkholes.



The growth of megacities.


Big ben 290.jpg

The restoration of Big Ben


Flame fire pixabay 290.jpg

Improving fire-safety design with computer modelling.


Sound annotation PJ Acoustics 290.jpg

Sound insulation testing.

Maintenance and improvement

Cleaning windows 290.jpg

Making commercial property more efficient.

Greenhouse gases

ECA SF6 290.jpg

SF6 is at the heart of the electrical industry.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Beach Cemetery 290.png

Caring for graves and memorials at 23,000 locations.

Identity through imitation

Historical versus Modern 290.jpg

A return to historical forms and local identities. Book review.


Water 290.jpg

Black water recycling.


Apprenticeships ECA Jan 2020 290.jpg

Opening the door to all.


Lava lamp blue 290.jpg

The 1960s Lava lamp.


ICE engineering ethics 290.jpg

How engineers can embed the principles in their work.


BSRIA article Jan 2020 290.jpg

Convergence and IoT in commercial buildings.

Cost overruns


How they occur and how to best manage them.

Fire risk

Notre Dame 290.jpg

Notre Dame, a conservation perspective.

CIAT AT Awards

Hawley Mews CIAT AT 131 290.jpg

Excellence in architectural technology.

Constructive learning

Meccano pixabay 290.jpg

The story of Meccano.


VAT 290.jpg

Cutting VAT can unleash green housing revolution.

Kensington Palace

The Story of Kensington Palace 290.jpg

A complicated building lacking a unifying discipline. Book review.

Royal Ordnance Factories

ROF thorpe arch 290.jpg

Facilities close to centres of population but out of reach of enemy bombers.

Building regulations

Documents 290.jpg

How long it takes to get approval.


Sainsbury's camden historic england 290.jpg

Listing of Sainsbury's Camden Town supermarket.

Roofing defects

Thatched-roof-981891 290.jpg

The part of the building with the potential to cause the most problems.

Energy generation

ICE rampion-wind-farm-nicholas-doherty-unsplash 290.jpg

Far-from-shore wind farms

Eco homes

Baufritz-house-ainsworth-hales 290.jpg

Ainsworth-Hales house

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