Last edited 16 Jul 2018

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Rights to light


A right to light generally refers to the right to receive sufficient light through an opening.

Electromagnetic fields


Interference and compatibility - the effects of electromagnetic fields in the workplace.

Local listing in Leicester

The Black Boy 290.png

A survey of Leicester’s historic buildings resulted in local listing being taken more seriously.



Demolition is the most high risk activity in the construction sector. Read our introductory article here.

Social value of infrastructure


Do we really know everything important about the impacts of our infrastructure projects? And if we don’t, does it matter?

Environmental plan

Environment Agency water image.png

An environmental plan is an essential tool for setting and managing environmental objectives for a project.

St Basil's Cathedral


It's featured prominently as the backdrop to the World Cup coverage - read about the most iconic building in Russia.

Sustainable construction


How to anticipate EU policy for sustainable construction - the view from Spain.

Cracks in buildings


Buildings are moving all the time but if they are unable to accommodate this, cracking is likely to occur.

St James’s Priory

St James's Priory 290.png

Bristol’s oldest building still in everyday use.

Social vs environmental sustainability


When it comes to infrastructure, are opportunities being missed that could create lasting value for all stakeholders?

CIne building - case study


Norvento HQ achieves the highest score in BREEAM ES. Read about its energy-efficiency measures here.

Value management


This article examines a number of the techniques commonly used for value management in construction.

Empty housing in London


New 20-min documentary explores the history and reasons behind London's empty housing problem.