Last edited 21 Mar 2019

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An introduction to stone

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From alabaster to travertine – how many types do you know?

Free BRE guide to indoor lighting

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Well-designed lighting helps maintain a healthy physiological and psychological balance.

Making BREEAM contractually enforceable

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Transferring the risk for obtaining the target BREEAM rating.

The 5 whys

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A simple but effective way to determine the root cause of an issue.

Well-made buildings

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Why a wellbeing strategy is vital for property managers.

Practical completion

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A crucial moment on any project - and fraught with danger.

Mind the gap

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The performance gap from a Northern Ireland perspective.

Chapels of England

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Book review: Buildings of protestant nonconformity.

Acoustics guide

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Design and testing for health and wellbeing - free download from BRE.



Retention in construction contracts.


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Campaign for the reform of cash retentions.

Urban design and planning

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How to make roads safer: the debate continues.

Northern Powerhouse

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What does the Northern Powerhouse mean for us?