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Wrought iron porch

For more information, see How to build a porch.

A home with a garden is seen by many as privilege. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have outdoor space and it is something to be made the most of it. Perhaps with a wrought iron porch.

There is some confusion about the difference between a verandah and a porch, and the two words are sometimes thought to be interchangeable. However, although you may find a verandah on the front of a home you will not find a porch at the back. A porch is generally something added to the front of a home, and it will probably not extend the whole length of the property in the way that a verandah at the back would.

When the sun moves around the home during the day it is possible to spend time in the back garden under the verandah and then at the front under the porch.

Although a wrought iron porch may be seen as a decorative addition, it can easily become a place to dine alfresco, or to take pride in potting plants to brighten up the outside of the property.

Wrought iron porch.jpg

A simply porch on a home is often designed from wood, and is put in place purely to provide protection from the rain when entering and leaving the property. A porch can also help keep deliveries dry. This type of porch is practical but not always aesthetically pleasing.

A wrought iron porch can be of a modern or traditional design, and as it can be painted in any colour, it does not have to be black. It is possible to choose a porch that will blend in with the style of a home, making a design statement and giving a home 'curb appeal'.

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