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Project engineer for construction

The terms construction engineer and project engineer normally relate to the same person or job function. Construction engineering is the application of engineering, management, and business sciences to the processes of construction, through which designers' plans and specifications are converted into physical structures and facilities on site.

The construction or project engineer is a professional constructor who engages in the design of temporary structures, site planning and layout, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, management, materials procurement, equipment selection, cost control, and quality management.

These processes involve the organisation, administration, and coordination of all the elements involved in construction - labour, temporary and permanent materials, equipment, supplies and utilities, cost, technology, methods, and time - in order to complete construction projects on schedule, within the budget, and according to specified standards of quality and performance.

Depending upon the size and complexity of a project, the construction engineer may be responsible for just one job or for several. This means that travelling to many different sites can be part of the job description. Many project engineers work on-site in temporary offices and spend a good deal of time out of doors, planning and checking work.

This text is adapted from Ahmed Ebrahim

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