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Post-combustion plant

Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for Large Combustion Plants, Published by the European Union in 2017 defines post-combustion plant as a: ‘System designed to purify the flue-gases by combustion which is not operated as an independent combustion plant, such as a thermal oxidiser equipment (i.e. tail gas incinerator), used for the removal of the pollutant(s) (e.g. VOC) content from the flue-gas with or without the recovery of the heat generated therein. Staged combustion techniques, where each combustion stage is confined within a separate chamber, which may have distinct combustion process characteristics (e.g. fuel to air ratio, temperature profile), are considered integrated in the combustion process and are not considered post-combustion plants. Similarly, when gases generated in a process heater/furnace or in another combustion process are subsequently oxidised in a distinct combustion plant to recover their energetic value (with or without the use of auxiliary fuel) to produce electricity, steam, hot water/oil or mechanical energy, the latter plant is not considered a post-combustion plant.’

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