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Material alteration

According to the Building Regulations, a 'material alteration' is an alteration where the work, or any part of it, would at any stage result:

  • In a building or controlled service or fitting not complying with a relevant requirement where previously it did; or
  • In a building or controlled service or fitting which before the work commenced did not comply with a relevant requirement, being more unsatisfactory in relation to such a requirement.

Where a 'relevant requirement' is any of the following applicable requirements of Schedule 1, namely:

  • Part A (structure).
  • paragraph B1 (means of warning and escape).
  • paragraph B3 (internal fire spread—structure).
  • paragraph B4 (external fire spread).
  • paragraph B5 (access and facilities for the fire service).
  • Part M (access to and use of buildings).

And a “controlled service or fitting” means:

A service or fitting in relation to which Part G, H, J, L or P of Schedule 1 imposes a requirement.

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