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Extension of time - approval letter example

Construction contracts generally allow the construction period to be extended where there is a delay that is not the contractor's fault. This is described as an extension of time (EOT).

When it becomes reasonably apparent that there is, or that there is likely to be, a delay that could merit an extension of time, the contractor gives written notice to the contract administrator identifying the relevant event that has caused the delay.

A formal letter is addressed to the contract administrator requesting the extension of time, and presenting the reasons for the request. This letter is then evaluated before approval or rejection. If it is approved, the letter is given a written answer by the contract administrator and a change order is issued.

Here is an example of an approval letter:

Contractor's Name

Contractor Address

Contract Name

Contract Number


I refer to your extension of time claim dated [insert date of the claim]. In accordance with clause [insert the contract clause] of the General Conditions of Contract, the Principal grants extension/s of time:

[Insert number of days requested and reasons for the time extension.]

The Contractual Completion Date (as previously extended) was [insert contract completion date including previous time extension approvals]. This extension of [number of days] days makes [insert new completion date] the Contractual Completion Date.

Signed by,

Authorised Person

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