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[edit] Introduction

While it is true that all offices experience friction at some time or another, because not everyone can get along with everyone else all of the time, it is also true that the working environment has a significant effect upon employeeswellbeing.

Dynamic, fit for purpose and visually exciting workspaces have been shown to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Create greater efficiencies.
  • Improve communications between staff.
  • Motivate and focus workforces.

[edit] Making offices more dynamic

It is not always possible to alter the outside of a building but the interior can generally be changed to better motivate staff:

  • Bring in light, natural light where at all possible
  • Change dingy and dark coloured walls, replacing them with bright, light colours.
  • Bring nature into the office with pot plants.
  • If the view outside is good, have window dressings that can open fully.
  • Improve furniture; replacing old and broken desks with new ones that are suited to modern needs.

[edit] Fun furniture

It is possible to create a fun and welcoming environment using furniture.

EasyOffice is a unique office furniture solution that allows you to choose how funky, how beautiful and how branded you want your office to be. The EasyOffice range features infinitely customisable desks, tables and storage units that can be enhanced with literally any type of design, from company logos to iconic views of cities, images of fields, trees, seas and skies.

Orange cloud2.jpgWaterfall.jpg

It is even possible to motivate the workforce with inspirational quotes, such as ‘Hardness often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny’ (CS Lewis) or go for a more tongue-in-cheek message, ‘Hard work keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit’. (Helena Rubinstein)Inspire1.jpg

Workspaces do not need to look the same as every other workspace in the world. EasyOffice can help create the office staff want to work in, an environment that is inspiring, visually stimulating and above all, fun.

Designing Buildings Anywhere

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