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Construction knowledge task group

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The construction industry is not maximising the value it extracts from its knowledge, and much of the knowledge it creates does not affect practice on the ground.

This is because practitioners and other stakeholders; may be unaware of knowledge assets, they may not have access to them, they may not have the time or capability to understand them, or they may be in a form that is difficult to apply. As a result, the industry is less productive, less innovative and more likely to make mistakes than it should be.

The Construction Knowledge Task Group (CKTG) includes representatives of institutes, associations and the wider industry. Its purpose is to optimise the creation and dissemination of documented, practical, applicable knowledge that enhances productivity and supports compliance by:

Making it as easy as possible for practitioners and other industry stakeholders to:

  • Find the right knowledge when it is needed.
  • Access that knowledge.
  • Extract the maximum value from that knowledge.

For more information see the CKTG Project Initiation Document.

The Task Group has established three workstreams to progress this agenda:

  1. Indexing construction knowledge: How should construction knowledge be ‘tagged’ so that it is easier to identify specific types required by practitioners?
  2. Finding construction knowledge: Could new search tools be developed to help practitioners find the knowledge they need when they need it.
  3. Accessing construction knowledge: Is it possible to co-ordinate subscriptions, sign up forms, memberships and pay walls and to make them more flexible so that it is easier to access multiple knowledge sources through one search query.

If you are interested in taking part or would like to join the CKTG mailing list, email [email protected].

[edit] Task group meetings (most recent first)

The third meeting of the CKTG took place at the offices of RSHP in the Leadenhall Buildings in London on 1 July 2019. The CKTG Project Initiation Document and Memorandum of Understanding were adopted, and feedback was heard from the three workstreams. It was agreed that the next step would be to develop a stakeholder management plan and then to consult on proposals.

The first meetings of the three workstreams took place between March and June 2019.

The second meeting of the of the CKTG took place on Thursday 17 January 2019 in the offices of Cundall. The meeting agreed the three workstreams that would be pursued.

The first meeting of the CKTG took place on Friday 28 September 2017 in the London Offices of CIOB during which it was agreed to undertake an industry-wide survey about knowledge use in the UK construction industry (see below for results).

On 9 May 2018 an industry-wide meeting was held at the offices of Buro Happold to establish the level of support for creating a Construction Knowledge Task Group.

[edit] Task group resources

[edit] Task group membership

Membership of the group includes representatives from:

  • AEC3 UK
  • AHMM
  • Arup
  • BRE
  • CIAT
  • CIOB
  • Constructing Excellence
  • Construction Leadership Council
  • Cundall
  • Designing Buildings Wiki
  • Hoare Lea LLP
  • i3P
  • ICE
  • IHS Markit
  • Invennt
  • Loughborough University.
  • Mace
  • Polypipe
  • RIBA
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Rider Levett Bucknall
  • SRM
  • Stroma
  • The Get It Right Initiative
  • University of Dundee