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Research findings dissemination template


This is a draft template setting out the information that might be included in RESEARCH FINDINGS articles, published to improve the dissemination and awareness of construction industry research.

Research findings articles are not the same as research abstracts, or summaries. They are intended to make as many people as possible aware of research knowledge that they can use, as quickly as possible and at the point at which they need it. Typically this will be when they google a question to which the research provides an answer.

Suggested headings are set out below, with guidance for what might be written under each heading. The aim is to keep the articles as simple as possible, written in plain language and helping the reader find the knowledge they need quickly.

An example RESEARCH FINDINGS article can be seen by clicking on this link.


[edit] Article title

This is NOT the title of the research – it is a HEADLINE, a plain language sentence that will be used as the name of the research findings article. This will appear in the page URL and will help search engines return the page in the results of appropriate searches.

Think about what people might search for that should lead them to this research, and write a plain language title related to that. This is not about academic precision, it is about driving engagement.

[edit] Image

Add a striking image that works at a number of different scales so it will be clear on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices as well as in summaries of the article, on social media and so on.

Put a caption below the image explaining what it is and the terms for its use. It is important that it is available on an open license so that it can be used and re-posted by others wishing to disseminate and promote the research, without them having to seek permission. Insert a link to an appropriate Creative Commons license in the image caption so that the terms for re-use are clear.

[edit] Research title

The formal title of the original research paper.

The names of the authors of the original research paper, with links to online author profiles such as Linkedin profiles.

The date the original research paper was published and the name of the publisher.

The availability of the original research paper. Is it free to access / behind a pay wall / behind a sign up barrier? Where can it be accessed - ideally a web address.

[edit] How people can use this research

Who will the research be of interest to and why? Keep this short, ideally no more than one or two sentences.

[edit] What people need to know

The purpose of this section is to make important pieces of knowledge more widely-known and accessible. It is NOT a research abstract, summary or description of methodology.

What useful / usable knowledge does the research include? This might be some of the key useful findings, but it can also include key pieces of practical knowledge that were uncovered during the course of the research, important information about the broader subject and so on.

Keep the text short and to the point. Readers can refer back to the original research paper if they need more detail.

An example RESEARCH FINDINGS article can be seen by clicking on this link.

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