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Architects / Civil Engineers prevent illnesses, diseases and death

Goldberger, in his book Why Architecture Matters, discusses the fact that Architects and Civil Engineers have saved more lives than any Doctor, medicine or cure.

This is achieved by the building of water treatment plants, separating sewage effluent from entering any water courses and rivers, and subsequently polluting fresh wholesome water supplies. People then drink this water supply and become sick and possibly die.

In London in the 17 century, it was noted that people living in one area drinking water from a well (coming form an underground aquifer) became sick and others living near to a brewery did not become sick at all. These people drank the ale, coming from the brewery own water supply which was not contaminated with sewage. It was found that the sewage was contaminating the water supply, leading to the building of a sewage network and prevention of diseases and illnesses.

--JC5 15:47, 1 June 2014 (BST)

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