About Staceyma

I currently work for a housing association as a trainee building surveyor.

United Kingdom

How do we keep investors interested in UK property?

My idea would be to turn the property into a 'Property Managed Fund'.

This could include:

  • Comercial/domestic property with potential for improvement or high rent value
  • Land where planning permission could be obtained
  • Bonds from housing associations for income/low risk
  • Equity shares of newhome builders for growth and liquidity.
  • The fund could also have the potential to lend money to smaller property developers, that perhaps would not be able to obtain a mortgage and could charge a much higher interest rate on the basis the money would be paid back in full fairly quickly.
  • A charitable elemnet, such as, investing in young people for appreticeship courses (this would also generate advertisement).

From the value of the funds assets, shares would be created and Investors would have the oportunity to invest in property, without the risk of having all their 'eggs in one basket'.

No deposit would be needed and no need to get a mortgage.

Depending on market conditions, the portfolio of the fund could be adjusted. I.e When property prices are falling, the rent values would increase and a larger percentage of bonds could be bought.

Also, people would be able to invest within a stocks and shares ISA allowance and would not pay tax on any captial gain.

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