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A sub-subcontract is a contract that is created by a subcontractor with an organisation or individual to perform a portion of the work. If a subcontractor intends to sub-subcontract, they make sure that the terms of the subcontract allow this.

One such contract is the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT)’s Sub-subcontract (or SubSub), which is designed for use on sub-subcontract works where the main contract is a JCT contract.

The Sub-subcontract can be used with any sub-contract, and also where the works (sub-subcontract or sub-contract) are intended to be carried out in sections. The works can be based on remeasurement or on an adjusted sub-subcontract sum, i.e. adjusted for variations.

The sub-subcontract is not suitable where the works are of a complex technical nature, or if they require back-to-back provisions with the sub-contract.

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