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Self adhesive foam tapes

This article is all about different kinds of self adhesive foam tapes and what they are used for.

1) Acrylic Foam Tape: High efficiency bonding products specifically designed for industrial applications to provide engineered assembly solutions. A good acrylic foam tape is helpful in creating strong and powerful bonds.

2) Low Tack Tape: A high tack acrylic adhesive. Mostly available in blue, low tack tape is used in separating and protecting sealed units and glass whilst in storage or transit. These tapes are used in particular in the transportation of heavy and brittle objects.

3) Closed Cell Foam Tape: Comes in a roll with a high strength acrylic adhesive to protect against dust, noise, moisture and vibrations. The high quality adhesive on one of its side is used in sealing, cushioning and absorbing vibration.

4) Single Sided PVC Foam Tape: Used to form a compression water/air/dust seal and to prevent electrolytic corrosion. These tapes are suited to both indoor and outdoor environments, such as a cushioning in heavy duty applications or mounting in anti slip applications.

5) Single Sided Foam Tapes With Fixed Polyester Liner: A acts as a low friction surface, and can be helpful in industrial door and cladding applications.

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