Last edited 28 Jan 2021

Metal and ceramic injection molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic injection molding (CIM) are advanced manufacturing technologies used in the manufacturing of complex, precision, net shape components from metal and ceramic powder respectively. Together these two technologies are popularly known as powder injection molding (PIM). Metal and ceramic injection molding technology offers design flexibility for an unlimited choice of material offered by powder metallurgy (powdered metal and ceramic).

Metal and ceramic injection molding provide better dimensional and productivity limits of isostatic pressing and slip casting. It improves lenience capacity of investment casting, mechanical strength, and the shape limitation of the products. The low cost, complex designing capabilities of MIM and CIS technology offer higher economies of scale and lessen manufacturing time by eradicating production steps such as machining and finishing.

There are four steps involved in metal and ceramic injection molding process; feedstock preparation, injection modelling, debinding and sintering.

Metal injection molding holds a larger market share compared to ceramic injection molding. This is attributed to its increased use in automobiles and consumers market (such as watches and eyeglasses).

The ceramic injection molding is widely used in manufacturing of medical and health care equipment. Metal injection molding leaves a lower carbon foot print compared to some other injection technique such as ceramic casting and other injection molding techniques.

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