Last edited 28 Apr 2015

Construction management: outline work plan

Project plan construction management.jpg

This is an outline plan for a project following a construction management procurement route. Project plans for other procurement routes are available by clicking here.

Clicking on any of the stages will take you to the detailed tasks necessary to complete that stage. Together the tasks represent a single, consolidated project plan from the first moment it becomes apparent a project might be required right through to final evaluation of the completed project.

Construction management

Stage 1: Business justification.

Stage 2: Feasibility studies.

Stage 3: Project brief.

Stage 4: Concept design.

Stage 5: Appointing the construction manager.

Stage 6: Detailed design.

Stage 7: Production information.

Stage 8: Tender trade contracts.

Stage 9: Mobilisation.

Stage 10: Construction.

Stage 11: Occupation and defects liability period.

Stage 12: Post occupation evaluation.

Moveable stages: