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  1. Design stage : There is a need make good and effective design strategy for energy reduction in buildings. Energy efficiency measures proposed in a building should be studied and analysed well. Before executing an energy efficient measure, it's effectiveness can be tested through softwares like Integrated Environmetal Solutions etc.
  2. Building designs should proposed energy efficiency measures for long term basis. With time energy efficiency of buildings tend to reduce due to many reasons, at design stage life cycle assessment of building and it's technology can be done. Also, energy efficiency measures can be designed and proposed in stages. For example: Hypothetically speaking, energy efficiency measures for one building is expected to last for 5 years ( time in which it performs within the efficiency limit), after 5 years the building energy efficiency will start decreasing. The design proposal will include Stage 1, stage 2 stage 3 etc. Along with Time line for review of building performance by the designers and contractors, provision for change in energy efficiency technology etc.
  3. Architects, Engineers etc. should monitor the building performance after construction of the building, Alternatively, private organisations can do the monitoring and keep all stake holders informed about building's performance.
  4. Government rules and policies can make correct software testing compulsory. This will give designers insight about their own designs and will cultivate better understanding of their designs. Also, all stalk holders including government will be aware about actual building performance.
  5. There is need to spread awareness about functionality of the building among users. Awareness campaigns, building tours, building awareness seminars can be conducted on a regular basis for he current users. This will cultivate better energy usage of building and a sense of belonging to the building.
  6. Post-occupancy evaluation at regular intervals.
  7. There is a need to develop data log of buildings in the country. Similar to cataloguing of all individuals living in a country, with regular updating.
  8. For better building performance government incentives can be given to the users and building management teams for good performance.
  9. Recognition to best building performance and maintenance.
  10. Upgrade Old buildings with reduced energy efficiency- There is a need for strict norms to upgrade technologies. Design competitions or government incentives or any other action can be given for financial, technical, construction/execution help.
  11. Interdependency- Help from Universities, other countries, individuals, organisations etc. can be taken for post-occupancy evaluation monitoring, execution etc.

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