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Winning Jah, The first Reggae artist to defend “GLBT” worldwide in the history of Rastafarism or Reggae Musician, (Said Winning Jah) “If we are all true Children of Jah, we don’t have the right to Judge nobody, If we Rasta hate oppression, Discrimination, inJustice, why we not accept all kind of people? No Reggae artiste ever sang for Disable rights, all we heard most times was Political oppinions, Race, brutality etc,

in detail i need to be precise, here i reseached who ever sang it? Nobody from the days of Bob Marley. If we hope for peace, let we all be dead for a moment, peace will be sure, Freedom of life style is allowed see it like disability, i see it as people’s lifestyle” News link:http://www.afronews.de/entertainment/reggae-artist-winning-jah-makes-passionate-appeal-against-discrimination-in-new-lp/)

Winning Jah was born in a family of Griot (Artist name: Winning Jah) Kingsley Eno Osagie, is a Reggae musician, song writer,Singer, humanitarian from African Origin “Tuareg” Hausa Fulani ,popularly called by his artist name “Winning Jah” he discovered Reggae Music in his tender age with a solid experience about Africa cultural Instruments, used within the Africans rythyms, djembe, used mostly in many African countries like : Mali Niger, Burkina Faso, Nigeria etc that has a lot influenced with other musicalities: jazz, blues, etc Winning Jah’s songs has the task “to wake up conscience” of the listeners. About Rastafari faith, his songs speak about the inflicted injustice to people of his country and more in general terms of iniquities endured from people of Africa and the weak persons, Just for this reason the African public feels a deep affinity with the witnesses of Winning Jah that sings for all the overwhelmed people and weak persons. Winning Jah is a notable drummer with interest in many instruments originaly made in Africa, many of which have ancient roots in the time and always have been revolt to involve in the western world, particularly in Europe where he resides for many years, all which has curiosity and interest to know more deep musicality than other countries favoring interacting between various musical cultures. Festivals has carried out such scope of Winning Jah performances activity through shows/evenings/concerts/ globaly, like the organization of the Festival of Culture and African, Festival Africa Torino “2010”, “2011”, “2012”. Cotonou solidarity Jazz festival “2013”, he has been featured in Tv’s, Radios, Journals , through the publication of record albums, Winning Jah has collaborated with other famous musicians European, Africans, like Kassoum Diarra, Fela Kuti, “Ebere- Chi”, “Mpj Donbale”, “Naxis De Genexis”, Small Axe, “Ginger Brew”, “Andrea Allione” and many others, placing side by side activity of Street Concert,Festivals in order to embrace also the wide public who less goes independently near specific musical initiatives. To such musical awareness , regards to the purpose of spreading Afrobeat and Reggae sounds , the use of such rhythms like aid to details situations in the within of the “Music therapy”, therefore near customers and/or structures where music is characterized like psycho-physical stimulus, Winning Jah still collaborating with the International Organization nonprofit “Aid People Change” of which he is Co-founder, him being also affected or living with disability, besides passed a collaborations with the CPD “Consults for the disabilità of” Turin and to spaces of “Proposed Therapy musics” in Europe and Africa, homes, community,Hospitals etc Discografia C) Your - Discography: (Albums/EPs/Singles): Official Albums: 1° Africa Revolution (2014) EP 1) Ancient days 2) Women's rights 3) Old Roger 4) Holy Words 2

Denier Business (2015) EP 1) Heroes 2) Herbs 3) Steady race 4) Motherland 3. NOUVEAU BUSINESS (ALBUM) Year: 2016 Title: NOUVEAU BUSINESS Record Label: VP RECORDS || VPALMUSIC Format: CD, Digital Release Album Tracklist (NOUVEAU BUSINESS): (Songs) 1) Coat of Many Colours 2) Homeless World 3) Deep Sea 4 Reasons 5) To Whom IT May Concern 6) Big Mr Man 7) Mr Cock 8) Coat of Many Colours (Acoustic) 9) Deep Sea (Acoustic) 10) Big Mr man (Acoustic) 11) Mr Cock (Acoustic)