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Vitamins and supplements are substances that human organism needs to grow and develop. In our organism

there are 13 vitamins. Each of these vitamins has its concrete role. The lack of any of them brings an
organism to a concrete health problem. For example, the lack of vitamin c brings us to anemia. The strength
of vitamin b complex helps our organism to make energy, it helps with an anxiety, depression, heart disease
and premenstrual syndrome. The first vitamin which a newborn baby takes is vitamin d -
https://www.greenvits.eu/collections/vitamin-d - as it sharpens the baby’s immune system. The role of
omega 3 supplement is significant. The high strength of omega 3 is known, it keeps our heart healthy. The
use and significance of all these vitamins are not limited. They do much more work inside our organism,
just for make us LIVE.

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