About Amphibio

Expert in bio-based materials, architecture and structural engineering.

United Kingdom

Hector is a specialist in bio-based architecture and structural engineering with extensive experience in the use of round and engineered bamboo in construction. He is cofounder and CEO of Amphibia BASE Ltd, a professional services firm based in the UK that provides state-of-the-art design, engineering and R&D solutions with sustainable construction materials such as bamboo and timber.

Since 2003, Hector has been directly involved with the design, management and construction of over 30,000 sq. ft. of bamboo structures and worked on the research and development of manufacturing technologies for structural engineered bamboo products.

He has an up-to-date knowledge of the market and traditional and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies within the bio-based, wood and bamboo industries. This is thanks to Hector’s active collaboration with researchers and industrials in multiple industrial and academic networking platforms and events worldwide.

He has been received several funding grants for academic and commercial initiatives from private and public organisations such as Ned Jaquith Foundation (USA), Innovate UK & HEFCE (SET-Squared, UK), Santander Bank and COLCIENCIAS (Colombia).

Currently, within the R&D division of Amphibia BASE, Hector is leading the innovation Engineered Bamboo to Market (http://www.bamboo2market.com), which aims to deliver standardised and commercially feasible engineered bamboo products and technologies.

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