Last edited 16 Mar 2021

Sexual orientation

Gender transition, expression and identity tool kit, published by CBRE, suggests: ‘Sexual orientation is an enduring personal quality that inclines people to feel romantic or sexual attraction (or a combination of these) toward: persons of the same sex; persons of a different sex; persons of the same sex and different sex; or persons of neither sex (asexual).’

Stonewall suggests ‘Orientation is an umbrella term describing a person's attraction to other people. This attraction may be sexual (sexual orientation) and/or romantic (romantic orientation). These terms refers to a person's sense of identity based on their attractions, or lack thereof. Orientations include, but are not limited to, lesbian, gay, bi, ace and straight.’

It suggests that sexual orientation refers to: 'A person’s sexual attraction to other people, or lack thereof. Along with romantic orientation, this forms a person’s orientation identity.
Stonewall uses the term ‘orientation’ as an umbrella term covering sexual and romantic orientations.'


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