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Difference between preliminaries and preambles


Preliminaries and preambles both appear in tender documents, but they are not to be confused.

Preliminaries provide a description of a project that allows a contractor to assess costs which, whilst they do not form a part of any package of works, are required by the method and circumstances of the works. They might, for example, describe things such as subcontracting, approvals, testing and completion procedures. Preliminaries and work sections together describe what is required to complete the works required by the contract.

For more information see: Preliminaries.

A preamble is an explanation of a document, commonly found in contracts, specifications and bills of quantities. It can help with the interpretation of the document. A preamble might include, a description of the parties to the contract, the background to the document, the objectives of the project, and so on.

For more information see: Preambles.

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