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Declaration of non-collusion

As part of a selective tendering process, tenderers may be required to complete a ‘Declaration of Non-Collusion’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘Declaration of Non-Collusion Form’ or a ‘Certificate of Non-Collusion’).

This is intended to prevent corruption in the tender process by requiring a declaration from the tenderer that they have not colluded with any other party in the preparation of their tender.

The declaration may require that the tenderer confirms that:

  • Their tender is bona fide.
  • They have not colluded with any other party to fix or adjust the tender price.
  • They have not communicated the tender price or terms to any other party (other than where this is necessary to prepare the tender).
  • That they have not entered into arrangements with other parties not to tender, or to tender a certain price or terms.
  • That they have not given inducements or rewards to the client or their representatives.
  • That similar non-collusion arrangements will be required from their sub-contractors and suppliers.

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