About Younus1394

Civil engineering student at City University of London.

United Kingdom

Buildings being the catalyst of emissions, leaves me with yet another problem to solve.

Fundamentally we’re now in an age of ‘The Renewable Era’, whether interpreted as an opinion or based on foresight I have yet to claim for intellectual property rights.

After accepting this, I may propose my solution. That is as viable as the moon-home, the floating bridge or the flying carpet. In other words, the BIM, the submersed tunnel or the Segway board; all of the pre-mentioned seeming ludicrous a century ago.

What the building of today desperately desires, is a metre-tall wind turbine, a solar panel spanning the entire roof, as well as a water wheel for every fluid outlet. This in turn provides ample energy for the everyday Homo sapien(s?). For those who choose to consume that little extra quantum, may pay the price however they deem fit. The value of such assets have drastically declined, hence the feasibility is within our reach. Funding can be found by a beneficiary whom is yet to be unknown.

Designing Buildings Anywhere

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