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It’s amazing to me that technology (voice/data/audio & video) still aren’t recognized as important technological aspects of architectural design. The guess and by golly attitudes that I see everyday by architects and electrical engineers is minblowing yet it persists. Try running a business without a phone or computer in this day and age. I have yet to see a design print (called an “E” Print standing for electrical print) to be correct in nature as to what the clients vision is of their new office. The main reason - architects and electrical engineers don’t understand technology, old or new, nor do they take the time to sit the clients down and go over what will make their business successful. Instead they quickly go over possibilities, never delving into how their clients needs and visions are met. Incorrect technology design leads to many things including budget, job delays, adds/moved & change cost and a unhappy client.

I’ve been in the technology industry for 53 years and hopefully, some day, people (architects especially) will take a closer look at the important role technology plays in every business.


Rik Kartevold

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