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[edit] About Vastint

Vastint is an international real estate developer which creates long-term value through property investments. With over 25 years’ experience and schemes in 13 European countries, Vastint has 8.5 million ft² rentable space and 4 million ft² under construction.

Vastint’s goal is to create long-term value through property investments. The cornerstones of the operations are the management of portfolio properties and the development of commercial real estate, including residential development and sales.

Vastint is active in 13 countries across Europe, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Vastint started out by acquiring existing portfolios and has since then transformed into a property developer. Development activities include land acquisition, master planning, design, construction and leasing. Vastint works towards positive long term social, economic and environmental solutions and developments.

Vastint is part of Interogo Holding AG in Switzerland www.interogoholding.com, the holding company of the investment businesses focusing on two main areas: Property Investments through Vastint Holding B.V. and Financial Investments.

[edit] Key figures for Vastint

Rentable area, sq. m 785,000
Under construction, sq. m 378,000
Planned projects, sq. m 1,698,000
Landbank, sq. m 2,669,000
Total assets, M EUR 1,784
Employees (year average), number 141

(Key data as at 31 December 2016)

[edit] About Vastint UK

Vastint UK specialises in unlocking the potential of large-scale city-fringe sites.

Our vision is to create:

  • Balanced schemes - we regenerate large, complex sites into truly mixed-use communities with residential, office and commercial elements.
  • Thoughtfully designed places - we focus on placemaking, responding to each area’s local context and heritage to create schemes which are accessible and connected, designed from the inside out.
  • Long term developments - we curate schemes over time; maintaining a long-term ownership and management interest.

We currently own over 29 hectares of land in Leeds, London and Cardiff which will deliver over 800,000m² of working and living accommodation in the coming years. That is: 4,250 homes, 163,000m² workspaces and offices (GIA), 29,000m² ground floor retail and leisure space and the potential for 15,000 jobs.

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