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[edit] Incorporation of AI Technologies in a Building

AI Technology is expanding, it is diversifying and it's becoming ever more apparent in day to day life, from autonomous cars to algorithms that many social media platforms use. The stigma surrounding the area is reducing and it is being accepted as a future approach to a lot of todays problems.

[edit] How may this be implemented into a Building?

The implementation of AI in building's to monitor energy usage and overall efficiency could completely change a buildings whole life cost cycle. Reduce maintenance costs, operational costs and subsequently help generate money. I believe that this is something that could be pushed in a very positive direction. With multiple companies already gathering information on the above idea. Such as an Article released by Navigate Research in May 2017. They discuss some of the serious benefits the use of AI could offer.

The use of AI could go very far, and tick many of the ideas considered in the competition brief. Systems and autonomous services could be in place, to future-proof a building, giving it the ability to adapt and change to stay sustainable and implement self-change throughout it's lifetime.

AI has a promising future, however presently only around 10,000 people in the World have the ability to tap into the AI potential that we have at our disposal. (The Hustle, 2017). A lucrative market, with AI Graduates earning between $300k-$500k as stated by the New York Times.

Overall, I truly believe AI implementation in building works is a future prospect we must embrace.

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