About Stefania Scarsini

Stefania is an Italian architect working in London. She is writing a thesis on the adaptation of historic buildings to climate change.

Stefania Scarsini
United Kingdom

Listed buildings are not only a heritage asset but also have an embodied carbon value. Reducing the amount of new build by retaining and adapting listed buildings would contribute to meet the COP21 targets.

However, the problem is in making listed buildings fit for future climates as well as energy efficient. Implementing a conservation management plan linked to a quinquennial survey on could help improve the performance of listed buildings by applying the best available technologies on a regular basis rather than just at major refurbishment. The information collated during the preparation of these two documents would also be available to other professionals and researchers. The ensuing information on climate change impacts and suitable energy technologies would then inform future management plans and enable the appropriate adaptation of listed buildings.