About Maria Wolonciej

Architecture student (University of Edinburgh, 1st year), author of primary research on potential and cultural perception of dome housing

Maria Wolonciej
United Kingdom


[edit] Tomorrow's challenges in today's buildings - ideas competition entry

[edit] Challenge

Buildings, like plants, often compete for available light. Appropriate exposure to this resource enhances their energy-efficiency and the well-being of their inhabitants. With the need to erect buildings one next to the other, this is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.

[edit] Solution

Mirroring nature in architecture, for example an alternate leaf arrangement allowing plants to make the most out of available light (sketched below).

1. Sketch, Alternate Arrangement, Maria Wolonciej.jpg

  • the higher, the narrower = less shadow on nearby buildings
  • balconies exposed to light while distant to each other for privacy
  • light from the south can reach three walls

[edit] Possible further development of the idea

Exploring physical aspects of phototropism ('the process by which plants grow towards light' as described by John M. Christie). Reflecting that in a building, possibly by slanting the walls with windows, could generate more natural light.


Christie, J. M. (2008). Blue light sensing in plants. Glasgow. http://photobiology.info/Christie.html.