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Engineering Technician with all round experience currently working Test & Development of Air Terminals and Mechanical Controls.

United Kingdom

Solar/PV Windows:

The window pane would collect energy which will supply Heating, Cooling, Electricity for individual room requirements. All supporting circuitry, Memory protocols etc would be housed in the frame, which could have pre-requisite settings applied via input/outputs to PC's lap tops.

Some examples could be:

1.Heat sensors in the frame could tell if a room is to hot/Cold and adjust the temperature accordingly.

2. PV sensors could tell if it was night or day and turn off security, Evening lights

3. The energy could heat water supply as well as central heating system

The main idea of the window is that it could supply energy to individual rooms or spaces without the need of a central BMS system. The rooms can be isolated or connected as required without any massive effect on the rest of the system.

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