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Forty-six percent of respondents into an HFN Survey of 100 traditional furniture retailers reported that they carry futons. Futons have become popular with best futon mattress, and retailers report this reality as their primary reason for adding futons for their product lines. They were additional by half in 1996. Reasons for selling futons include sales and profitability.

Furniture retailers are starting To sit up and take note of futons.

Futon furniture the domain of mass Independent futon and retailers and waterbed stores, is gaining credibility with furniture retailers, according to a HFN survey.

One hundred furniture retailers Were researched, including fifty of the biggest retailers in furniture, via facsimile. Almost 30 per cent, representing more than $3.5 billion of furniture sales, responded to the poll.

Nearly half (46 percent) of traditional Furniture retailers currently carry futons. And of these, 50 percent included the category.

That's great news for manufacturers of futon mattresses, frames, covers and coordinating accessories, Who were working to learn more credibility among the furniture collection.

Revenue of futons have grown over the Past several decades, according to the Futon Association International, a trade organization containing 500 futon products manufacturers and retailers.

Conventional furniture retailers who have Embraced the group agree that customer attention, combined with the profit potential, continues to be their motivation for incorporating futons.

"It had been obvious to us that the futon Class was growing simply because of the number of sellers. Couple this with an increase in requests from our consumers, we understood these products offered us a good chance," stated a buyer for a nationwide series.

Consumer interest is greater than ever and "allows the chance to sell quantity," reported one regional furniture string.

"We saw the opportunity to sell them Profitably and in volume. And sales are growing and strong," noted another.

"Powerful," "steady" and "growing" were the phrases retailers used repeatedly to explain earnings. Two-thirds of those furniture retailers carrying futons forecast futon sales for 1997 to be "strong," and another one-third predicted that sales will probably be "stable" or "growing."

Some retailers noted that defining "strong" futon earnings may be hard to do at this point. Those retailers reported six-month sales as low as $50,000 as large as $625,000.

"It's a growing market for us, and we are In the growing phases of the class," said one merchant. http://bestfutonmattresses.com/futon-mattress-queen-size/

Said another: "Sales will be strong for Us in 1997, but it is a new category for us. It will take some time to ascertain where we will go with this."

Even though futons are currently receiving great reviews, They're not without their downsides, furniture retailers reported.

"We've tested futons in the past with Poor results," reported one merchant, echoing the comments of lots of furniture retailers that don't see the benefit to carrying futons. According to the poll of HFN, nearly have tried to do without success. The reason? "It's not my customer," they reported.

Learning to Recognize the futon user is The product is offered by just as important for furniture retailers that do.

"We Need to Make Sure the earnings Staff understands that this item is for the client who doesn't have the room for a complete bedroom or cannot afford a sleeper," one merchant clarified.

"Sales education is critical," stated another. "The sales staff should learn who our customer is and what the advantages are to the product."

Another challenge for retailers is inventory Direction of products that are imported.

"Lots of futons are import items with large Lead times. We have to work closely together with our vendors on sales projections to ensure proper balance of product," commented a retailer.

Ensuring quality, watching Competitive costs offering exceptional designs, and while maintaining margins are challenges reported by retailers.

Consumer was stated by one furniture retailer Communication is a large challenge. "As a furniture retailer, consumers do not usually know we take futons."

To build consumer consciousness Retailers reported actively promoting futons in different formats: as visitors items in newspaper ads, comprised in bedding advertisements or sofa sleeper or at circulars.

Retailers, so Far as product trends go Reported both wood and metal futons frames are hot.

Black metal futon frames and black metal futon Bunk beds with covers and red, black or white mattresses are popular in the $199 to $299 price range. Wood frames (oak, ash, mahogany and organic) and wood with iron particulars sell well at futon mattress queen size.

Jewel solid or simple covers and tone prints As are custom-order, are bestsellers for many merchants covers.

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