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MEZ-AEROSEAL - THE new air tightness class for air duct systems!

Joerg Bachschuster

MEZ-AEROSEAL is a breakthrough technology for subsequent sealing of already installed air duct systems from the inside out and can therefore be used on existing air ducts and newly installed systems. In the MEZ-AEROSEAL process, a sealant is heated and exposed to high pressure. As a result, it is transformed into a gaseous state. These aerosolized particles travel through the air duct system seeking leakage that is located throughout the ductwork. The adhesive duct sealing particles attach directly onto the edges of any leakage, effectively sealing it without coating the inside of the ductwork. As the air stream makes a sharp turn to exit through a leak, the particles collide with and adhere to the leak edges.

For conventional methods it is almost impossible to achieve air tightness class D if you consider all parts and components of air ducts within a building. The innovation in MEZ-AEROSEAL is that it "finds" leaky spots inside the air duct system and that it seals those spots without affecting the surface of the air duct system. MEZ-AEROSEAL allows you to easily and quickly meet the most demanding current and future requirements for air tightness of air duct systems. MEZ-AEROSEAL reduces the leakage of an air duct system by an average of 90 % and that way can be an essential factor for energy reduction of air ducts and buildings.

The MEZ-AEROSEAL sealant meets the requirements of the hygiene guideline VDI 6022 and has no negative health or safety aspects. It can be used in schools, hospitals or other public facilities. Furthermore the sealant was tested by the EUROFINS Institute concerning VOC content and complies with the requirements of Indoor Air Comfort specifications.

Currently MEZ-AEROSEAL establishes a network of partners all over Europe which will take air tightness of air ducts to the next level. Those partners will help facility owners to reduce their energy consumption, save them a lot of money and most of all to reduce the carbon dioxide emission of buildings all over Europe.

For more information go to www.mez-aeroseal.com !

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