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Spaces for those who work from home must be conducive to a good work environment. This means that a true office space is necessary.

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One of the issues that those who work from home have is that they lack a space of their own to produce work. Spaces for those who work from home must be conducive to a good work environment. This means that a true office space is necessary.

If you are interested in creating an office space, consider a garden office. Garden offices are small and quaint for those who are into interior design styles. The garden office also does not take away from your personal home space.

Setting a space for a garden office

If you have a yard or lawn, you can have a garden office space. Many garden office spaces can be under a few hundred square feet. The size of a shed is large enough for a good office space.

Moving in a garden office is fairly easy. You can bring the office to the garden space, or have it built in the back garden.

Show Your Creative Side

While a garden office may be small, it is a good amount of space to show your creative side.

The first plan that you need to make for an office space is a desk. Most professions need a desk to work or to store work. Determine if your desk needs to be large or small before planning out the desk space.

If you have a small garden office, but need a large desk, you should consider an L-shaped desk. An L-shaped desk can take up a single corner as well as one long wall of the office space.

Professionals who are looking for storage should also make use of floating shelves. Floating shelves is perfect because it keeps the space open and allows you to store any work necessities.

Chairs and seating

When it comes to chairs and seating, this is where you want your real personality to shine through. Even if you only have one small office chair, make it your own with your particular design and fabric.

If you need one office computer chair in your gardens space, strip the chair of the boring black or neutral look, and choose your own print for your chair.

If you have a garden outside of the office, consider decorating the office to match the vibrant flowers outside of the window. By reupholstering your chair, you can create your own special imagery and bring the outside in.

For those who may have visitors, consider small bench seating for the garden office space. You can create your own small bench seat with cushion and batting, and your own choice of fabric to lie over the seat. Your bench seat can be placed next to one of the walls to enjoy the full view of your office space.


One space that you can decorate without taking up any room is the walls. Consider adding wallpaper to the walls. Wallpaper can be inexpensive, especially in a small room such as a garden office.

If you like the look of clean walls, feel free to add photographs or inspirational sayings. Your work space should be a space of creativity and should help you put out the best work possible.

Add several sayings from your favorite philosopher, as well as odd photographs or inspirational awards from work. Make sure that the space remains dedicated to its true purpose as well as allows a space of inspiration for you.

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