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The Chartered Institute of Building. Construction Management Profession

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The Chartered Institute of Building is at the heart of a management career in construction.

We offer you the most direct route to a management career in construction. Join us and you join the largest professional network of its kind spanning the globe.

Our aim is to advance construction management education, underpinned by science and a wealth of experience of the development, conservation and improvement of the built environment.

To find out more, visit our website http://www.ciob.org/

Articles created with content supplied by the Chartered Institute of Building include:

  1. 3D MOVE: Mobile Immersive Visualisation Environment.
  2. Approved contractor.
  3. BIM-Hub, Educating Future Built Environment Professionals to Work in BIM Environment.
  4. BIM Development for the Crossrail Farringdon Station.
  5. Biomimicry.
  6. Bowen Jenkins Legacy Research Fund.
  7. Building a fairer system: Tackling modern day slavery.
  8. Chaos theory.
  9. CIOB Academy.
  10. CIOB Building Conservation Certification Scheme.
  11. CIOB Commission of Past Presidents.
  12. CIOB competition.
  13. CIOB competition winners.
  14. CIOB International innovation and research awards 2016.
  15. CIOB join Build UK.
  16. CIOB manifesto 2017.
  17. Client commissioning.
  18. Code of Estimating Practice.
  19. Code of practice for project management.
  20. Code of practice for programme management.
  21. Commissioning v testing.
  22. Consortium.
  23. Comparing the fit between BREEAM assessment and design processes.
  24. Complex projects contract CPC 2013.
  25. Complexity theory.
  26. Computers in building design.
  27. Computers in tendering.
  28. Computers in the management of construction.
  29. Construction efficiency: A tale of two developed countries.
  30. Construction organisation design.
  31. Cost control.
  32. Craft your Future.
  33. Critical path method.
  34. Design management plan.
  35. Does NEC3 aid collaboration in construction?
  36. Effect of safety investments on safety performance of building projects.
  37. Ex gratis payment.
  38. Exploring the impact of the ageing population on the workforce and built environment.
  39. Flagship first project for CPC 2013.
  40. Fuzzy logic.
  41. Gantt chart.
  42. Head office overheads.
  43. Icynene spray foam insulation.
  44. Improving the Safety of Single Carriageways in Northern Ireland.
  45. Inspiring the future initiative for schools.
  46. Japanese construction contractors in the international market.
  47. Mark-up.
  48. Masterminds of Construction.
  49. Modelling building construction durations in Nigeria.
  50. Modern slavery toolkit.
  51. One CIOB.
  52. Overcoming difficulties in value management.
  53. Oxypod.
  54. Productivity.
  55. Productivity in construction: Creating a framework for the industry to thrive.
  56. Project overheads.
  57. Project manager's report.
  58. Q-Bot.
  59. Quality control.
  60. Risk identification and allocation of Singapore construction joint venture projects with developing countries.
  61. Risk management.
  62. Scheduling construction activities.
  63. Site Reconnaissance App SRAp.
  64. Site selection and acquisition.
  65. Site personnel.
  66. Tender works programme.
  67. The changing form of building worldwide 1984.
  68. The effectiveness of current smart home technologies to improve energy efficiency.
  69. The history of human resource management.
  70. Think Construction toolkit.
  71. Time and cost management contract TCM15.
  72. Types of construction organisations.
  73. UtterBerry intelligent wireless sensor system.
  74. Value.
  75. Value engineering.
  76. Value management.
  77. Value management techniques.