About Alexmoore456

I am a 2nd building surveying student, studying at Ulster university, I have a particular interest in building pathology and dilapidation's.

United Kingdom

The idea I have chosen, to improve performance in buildings, is based around landlord legislation scheme, implemented in Northern Ireland in 2014, it is about improving the amount of information on the required to register. Currently you only require the address including post code, the date the house was built and the name,contact details and a few other pieces of information, on the owners, I would like to see this amended by including important other important information related to performance, such as the EPC, perhaps a home buyers report, type of construction, all this information in a centralised place, would help government plan, as well as send out advise to landlords about how improvements on energy performance can be made, which they can include with the other legal and technical advise they send out to landlords, emphasis on the improved rental yields these improvements will make. This could be implemented throughout the UK and affect a large number of properties throughout the UK.

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