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How VELUX Commercial use Designing Buildings Wiki to promote their brand and acquire prospects


[edit] VELUX Commercial chooses Designing Buildings Wiki to help deliver their marketing plan

'Designing Buildings have worked with us to help drive more prospects to our content.' – Jill Baty, Brand Manager, VELUX Commercial.

To help those involved in designing daylight into buildings, VELUX Commercial have created a portfolio of ebooks and guides. These are available as gated content on their website.


Part of VELUX Commercial’s lead acquisition programme is to draw potential users to the site and encourage them to download an ebook and identify themselves as qualified leads.

With its large volume of relevant traffic and credibility as The Construction Industry Knowledgebase, Designing Buildings Wiki was chosen as one of the media channels to help deliver likely users to the VELUX Commercial ebook and guide pages.

[edit] Campaign

The campaign for VELUX Commercial involves several elements:

[edit] Published articles

VELUX Commercial set up as an author on Designing Buildings Wiki and published several informative articles. These attract organic traffic from search and are periodically featured on the site. A featured article will typically have around 320,000 impressions during the week’s feature.

Velux-commercial-author-page.png VELUX-Commercial-designing-daylight-commercial-buildings.png VELUX-Commercial-EN17037-daylight-in-buildings.png VELUX-Commercial-guide-daylight-structural-glazing.png

[edit] Call to action buttons

DBW designed a number of CTAs so they look like they carry the authority of the site. Each CTA linked back to a specific ebook page on the VELUX Commercial website.

The CTAs were then used in two ways:

[edit] Placed on relevant existing articles on DBW


A number of existing articles on the site were identified where the ebook would be relevant to the article subject.

A relevant CTA was then placed within that article on the basis that the reader will be in a heightened state of interest on that subject and more likely to click through to the ebook.

[edit] Featured CTA

For a week each month during the campaign, one of the CTAs is featured across the site, approxiamately 320,000 impressions.


[edit] Results

The numbers are clearly sensitive but according to Jill Baty, Brand Manager at VELUX Commercial ‘..a significant number of the ebook downloads are coming from the Designing Buildings Wiki click throughs. I am very happy with the results…’

[edit] How to publish your articles on Designing Buildings Wiki

It is easy and free to publish your articles on Designing Buildings Wiki.

You can watch our 10 minute tutorial or read the related articles below.

If you would like a discussion on how Designing Buildings Wiki could help you deliver some of your marketing and sales objectives then please contact Simon Baxter for a chat.

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