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[edit] ZWB

[edit] Introduction

"Zero Waste Building" or "ZWB" is my idea to make buildings better. Briefly the idea focuses on making use of almost all wastes coming out of a building.

N.B:This may be suitable for outskirt areas more than cities.

[edit] Wastes ?

Wastes from buildings can be summarized into main 3 types:

1- Grey water: used water coming from bathtubs,basins,lavatories,kitchen sinks...etc

2- Black water: used water coming from toilets & urinals (AKA sewer)

3- Garbage: plastic, paper, tin, .....etc

[edit] Solution

1- Grey water should be filtered and stored in reservoirs near the building to be used to irrigate surrounding fields.

2- Black water should be well filtered from all poisonous substances, treated ,stored to be used as organic Fertilizer to fertilize surrounding fields.

3- Garbage should be disposed in special rooms where it can be collected and pressed into cubic blocks to be sold afterwards to recycling companies.

[edit] Advantages

- saving expenses and energy whether for users or responsible entities.

- profit for user by selling their garbage blocks .

- many other advantages other than saving the environment that certainly got on your minds, lets just leave everyone figure out how to make the most of it .

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