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I'd make buildings better by developing a series of building components. But instead of producing building elements (wall panel, floor cassette, roof window) I would produce components that form the junctions between elements: so

  • a wall corner junction,
  • a series of eaves components,
  • a series of ridge details etc.

These would be produced to length and delivered to site pre-insulated, air sealed and finished. On-site work would consist of filling in the simple areas between complex junctions with timber/steel/concrete as required.

This flips the current situation, in which the easy-to-produce components are made off site and the very difficult junctions are made on site, under less-than-ideal conditions. Our experience tells us that buildings leak air and let in water at the junctions, not in the middle of elements, so the quality control of factory production is being applied in just the wrong places. Volumetric construction solves this too, but results in large volumes of air being transported from factory to site.

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